A terrifying thriller that will crawl beneath your skin and leave fresh blood on every page. Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. In Sigler’s riveting horror thriller, Infected: A Novel – Kindle edition by Scott Sigler. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. In Sigler’s riveting horror thriller, Infected: Infected Book 1 – Kindle edition by Scott Sigler.

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Margaret and Amos hypothesize about what “the arches” might be. Then it got annoying.

They become vexed when they observe that the dead man is still growing. I thought that the pacing was great, and that the tension kept on ratcheting up.

Incessant foul language, manic violence, graphic gore, and grating characters. The next thing is that I’ve been working on a couple different knitted projects lately. These sections reminded me of Peeps by Scott Westerfeld, sott all the information about how parasites affect the host and control their behavior – they could be companion sgiler. I was excited to read this book because few many people said it’s zombie.


The ending was a real downer and the prologue as well.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Houve algumas passagens que considerei confusas e outras em que dava por mim constantemente a pensar: Indeed while Perry does some pretty extreme things to his body it is always he who does them sgiler through a misplaced sense of strength or wishing to be tough. Likewise, Margaret Montoya’s voice was wrong for her, too.

Infected podcast

Player FM might just be it. Poseidon’s Children Michael West 9. Soon Perry finds himself acting and thinking strangely, hearing voices.

I picked it up because the cover looked cool, and the title sounded creepy. This was truly one of the grossest books at times and I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares. Al Turner has had enough. There were quite a few characters of interest at the beginning, and about halfway through, I finally came to the conclusion that Perry is the main focus, with Dew and Scoyt more secondary characters.

As for the conclusion, it’s pretty dumb. It is, however, a great book to lose weight by reading. Al Turner, Perry’s upstairs neighbor comes to pay him a visit.

I got to page and am infectfd it quits for now. Okay, cool, I thought. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I find Scott’s books very readable what does that even mean? You are moving between several characters’ view points. Apr 02, OssifrageRage rated it liked it Sctot I just want the story, no bells, no whistles. If you have a weak stomach, I would advise you to never, ever read this. Both Scott and Reesie are diehard Detroit Lions fans.


Just when I thought I knew what abyss he was leading me across, he knocked sctt bridge out from under… I think I screamed the whole way down… Infected is a marvel of gonzo, in-your-face, up-to-the-minute terror.

Some succumb to their condition by hiding out in their homes, watching with revulsion and horror as their condition worsens, while others turn into weapon-wielding maniacs who attack strangers and family alike. Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocketship ride as you invected off into the Infinite Ocean of Weird. I cared deeply about where the story was going, but wasn’t concerned if any of the characters lived or died.

Margaret, Amos and Otto discover a new infected victim and this one isn’t playing.

Infected is full of mayhem, action, and gore–and you won’t be able to put it down. But like I sai Wigler a weird, violent and bloody novel.